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Jan Rejzl was born in 1948 in Stara Boleslav in the Czech Republic. His parents were regular church-goers, so he was introduced to the story of Saint Wenceslas at an early age and became an altar boy at the Basilica of Saint Wenceslas in Stara Boleslav at the age of six. However, this was not an easy time for the church because the country was under communist rule between 1948 and 1989.

In 1968, during Dubcek's Prague Spring, Jan went to Great Britain for a holiday. A twenty-year-old student, he found himself in East Anglia, working on a farm, when the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact countries occured. The situation seemed unreal and hard to accept. One month afterwards, on the request of his parents, he returned to Czechoslovakia to continue his studies in Prague's Technical University.

On his return, Jan found that the spirit of the Prague Spring had disapeared beneath the pressure of the Soviet-led occupation. He managed to leave the country for another English holiday in the summer of 1969. As the situation in Czechoslovakia had deteriorated, he decided to stay in Britain. Jan studied Aeronautical Engineering and worked in the aircraft industry. Later he became involved in the microcomputer industry.

During his stay in Britain, Jan heard the Christmas carol: 'Good King Wenceslas looked out..' and was able to tell friends the whole story of St Wenceslas as he then knew it.

In the autumn of 1988, after nineteen years in Britain, Jan returned to Czechoslovakia for a week's holiday with his two children from his first marriage, Hana then six and Adam who was four. He started to research the history behind the story of St Wenceslas, collecting books and visiting important sites in his home town and elsewhere in Bohemia.

Jan continued his research in the following years, visiting Bohemia regularly and began to write his own book on the Wenceslas story. This project was a personal challenge for Jan, which he undertook with a professional approach. The book was finally published in December 1995.